Eating out in Venice, Italy

Venice Biennale

Venice has gained a reputation for not offering good or authentic food as it has such a high turnover of tourists. Restaurateurs were noted for their complacency but I believe it is improving. We took two separate holidays there last year (2009) and had no issues with being treated poorly or food being under par as it had been back in the early 80’s.

Inpronta Cafe Venice

We took an apartment on both visits and cooked many meals utilising the fresh seasonal ingredients bought at the markets but we still managed to eat out and well.

Harrys Bar is always on the list for first timers and we still revisit it each time, but remember the price is high for a Bellini cocktail which is what most people associate Harrys Bar with. You are taking up expensive real estate sitting here so someone has to pay. Contact details on the website.

More of Impronta Cafe Venice

Bar with no name. We have a friend in Venice who directed us to Matteo’s bar that he runs it with his brothers. There is no sign out front but if two lanterns have been hung out the front, it is open!  Good light meals and open from breakfast to early evening. It is in Calle della Misericordia, a tiny lane off Rio Tera Lista de Spagna, this is a continuation of the road that leads from the railway station.

GELATO You can eat gelato anytime and anywhere in Venice. Gelateria Nico is touted as the ‘in’ place to get a gelato but most are fairly good and since you are not always just where Nico is located you will eat elsewhere. I tried Nico’s much lauded ‘Special’ but it just had too much fake cream added, that is the cream that comes out of a gas bottle. It is too sickly for my taste  so I will just revert back to choosing the flavour I like next time. Fondamenta delle Zattere 922 Dorsoduro

Locanda Cipriani at Torcello. I have heard it is good for lunch but we never quite made it, so I am listing it for my next visit to Venice.

Impronta Venice

Impronta Cafe is one of the few modern fit-outs for a restaurant here.  We liked it enough to go twice. It cost around 175.00 € for 4 people to eat very well. As you can see by the photos, the serves were large and you could share them.  It is sandwiched in the narrow alleys so not easy to find. We looked for a street sign so we could find it again and once we couldn’t and another time we could. Good luck! Address: Di Tiburzi Silvia, Dorsoduro 3815/3817 (Near Frari) You could phone for better directions Tel 041 27 50 386.

Trattoria Dalla Marisa is ‘Slow Food’ accredited, maybe you might like to do as we did, walk by check it out and book as it is popular. If you go at night you just sit and take what comes out and pay at the end for the lot but it is not expensive and you get fresh food with a seafood emphasis. Day time you can order what you wish, a la carte style. It is near the Ponte dei Tre Arche (3 arched bridge) along Fondamenta Venier. NB Venice born residents tipped us off about this restaurant.
Cannaregio 652b Tel 041 720 211

L’Osteria di Santa Marina was excellent, good food and beautifully presented and price is high. Our meal for 4 people came to 236.43 €. Campo Santa Marina, Castello 5911

La Colombina meat and potatoes

La Colombina, this restaurant was reasonably handy to us when we wanted to eat locally and I can report that it was pleasant, not earthshaking, a bit rustic, large serves and well cooked food.

La Colombina's chunky salad

We were looked after well and 4 of us ate for 152.00 €.

Terrace at Hilton

Hilton Molino Stucky Venice

Go to the top floor for cocktails – it is wonderful. In converted Molino Stucky factory building. We did this on last night in Venice and it was perfect for forming a lasting impression. Tel: 39-041-272 3311   Fax: 39-041-272 3308

Pleases share with me if you have positive experiences in Venice restaurants.

Our local fish guy

Medieval food delivery



  1. #1 by Barbara on January 15, 2010 - 10:43 am

    As a food/travel writer who lives in Paris I want to thank you for this beautiful piece on some great places to eat out in Venice, one of my favorite cities ever. Nice looking blog too.

    • #2 by tastetravel on January 16, 2010 - 9:58 am

      Thanks for feedback, you may like to look up my Paris entries on the blog also.
      I am currently in Tasmania and working on a separate blog. I looked up but does not seem to be launched. Roz

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  2. Eating out in Venice, Italy « Tastetravel's Blog
  3. Eating out in Venice, Italy

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