Volta restaurant, Ghent, Belgium

IMG_2192We had no friends in this city so our new Belgian friend became the internet otherwise we would never have found Volta by walking around the city. It turned out that it was not that far out but located in a street tourists have little reason to frequent. Volta occupies an old building that was once just as useful as an electrical transformer station.

We had been in Ghent for a week with our pals from Switzerland who had flown in to rendezvous (we meet up regularly somewhere in the world) and we wanted to eat at Volta as our final dinner together but it is very popular and we could not get in at night with short notice I am not called resourceful for nothing, I grabbed a lunch date.IMG_2194

When we arrived it seemed we had been allocated a high communal table with stools which just was not what we wanted after several hours of walking around the city. We needed to sit back on a chair and relax over our meal.  I had a quick persuasive word with the head waiter and he gave us a table we think was intended for a group of businessmen who were sitting in the garden having a drink. IMG_2176

We were impressed with the large open kitchen where there was no drama to be witnessed, just cool and calm chefs going about their business. A glass wall kept out any smoke, odours or aromas, however diners were encouraged to go beyond the glass if they wished.IMG_2178

We chose the set lunch menu at an amazingly reasonable € 25.00. It turned out to be even more value on offer when four separate entrees arrived.

Sugar snaps, beans, perfect poached eggs, followed by a crostini with a chicken mayonnaise emulsion topped with curried corn, then another salad of carrots, black olives and herbs.

IMG_2170Then a smoky halved aubergine for each person came with a dressing of ‘chuca’ a Japanese soy based sauce.


The main course comprised of a mixed grill interspersed with vegetables and salad garnish.IMG_2181

An array of wines by the glass were available by way of one of those refrigerated cabinets with various bottles and dispensers to keep the wine from oxidising.IMG_2174


Crispy pastries came with coffee


Chef at Japanese Kamado charcoal oven where I suspect the aubergine were cooked


One of two entrances

After 10.30 a bar upstairs opens at Volta and for late night revellers there is a handy machine on the way to check your alcohol content.IMG_2189

If you plan to visit Ghent be sure to look up the website, you can book Volta online and in advance as it is the happening place for hipsters and foodies.

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