Blueberries in Tasmania

Gift of 6kg blueberries

My favourite colour for food is definitely not blue!!!! but I cannot ignore the blueberry season that has arrived in my part of the world. As an antioxident blueberries are right up there and I positively need all the antioxidants I can get.

However I did not welcome the latest research news on blueberries that tells us that we should never eat them with any milk products as that reduces their capacity as antioxidants. There is always something the food scientists discover with to stop you in your tracks and totally ruin your fun. I am sure food scientists, technologists or whatever they call themselves don’t go into the profession because they actually like food.

I had just made a blueberry cheesecake and for a tiny moment thought better about eating it. As if….

But I do take advice on occasion so I am on the hunt for recipes that do not combine them with milk products. In the meantime I will just have to press on and cook them up with whatever I fancy cos’ we have a more than our share at the moment.

Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

Ignoring the advice just for the moment I cooked Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes yesterday after a morning out expending calories whilst fishing.

I am also partial to a blueberry muffin, I like the way they pop out all over the crust and inside they burst and bleed, in a good way of course. I had one in a bakery in Swansea, down the highway from here but the cake part was wet and soggy inside and when I asked if I could have another, was told that the baker cooked them the same way every day and they would all be the same. So now I ask everyone how ‘thoroughly’ cooked they are, before ordering one. I must be the only person who does so.

Blueberry sauce

On my quest for a good blueberry muffin I found the bakery JJ’s Bakery and Old Mill Cafe in Longford is reliable and I always score a properly cooked and well filled blueberry muffin there. Actually as country bakeries go, this one is good. There is even a wood fired pizza oven down the back so this store is always patronised by locals and food travellers like me.

Blueberries are relatively new to Australia and for more background the Blueberries growers association website fills you in.

About 9 varieties grow in the southern part of Australia but to me they do taste similar to me or having said that some are sweeter and some are tarty. Growers will disagree as they have more experience.

Growing Locations

Australia Map

I love the way blueberries look when teamed with raspberries and they share the same season so don’t let the opportunity go by. The huge yellow box of blueberries up top were a gift from a friend who knows we eat this blue food! Roz


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