Brasserie Georges, a classic in Lyon

Water btle labelMy Parisian girlfriend Paule who has spent some time in Lyon said I should try to eat at Brasserie Georges as it is a legendary brasserie in Lyon.

Normally I am wary of eating in the Parisian brasseries because you often get rather old fashioned food at high prices. But with our friend’s recommendation we decided to go there for lunch. It was not too crowded and we were not rushed so we had time to take in the 1920’s design that was refurbished in 2006. This brasserie actually began as a beer making enterprise in 1836 so I duly ordered a biere and those who know John will appreciate that he had the Brasserie Georges labelled water.


Fortunately we took advice but if you had no recommendations and only looked at the website first, the sheer size of the room could be off-putting. Although it is a very large restaurant most of the seating is divided into sectional areas and with intimate booths so it does not feel too impersonal. Amazing effect considering it seats about 450 people and can feed up to 2000 people per day.

IMG_2004We opted for the Menu Presqu’ile a set menu, with a couple of choices in each category. Here is my entree of salmon and poached egg under a blanket of hollandaise. The thick slices of red onion are a touch rustic.IMG_2006

We both like chives fortunately and John had plenty on his lentil salad entree, dressed with red sherry vinegar and if I am correct a little bit of buttery mayonnaise in there as well and more chunky slices of red onion. A huge serving so I gave John a helping hand. Although we paid a set menu price, to give you a ballpark, the lentil salad was 6 euros and the salmon below on the normal menu was priced at 18 euros.

Salmon Roasted salmon had perfect grill marks, a cup of bernaise sauce and mashed potatoes and there are those chives again.


The Boudin Noir – black pudding was made without a casing, it just fell apart and melted in my mouth in the best possible way, served with apple.Steak tartare for 4

The waiter to my right was making Steak Tartare at the table for four women. The Steak Tartare comes with chips and salad for 17 euros. No wonder this place is so well patronised. Good honest food to match the prices.

Elsewhere the popular dish being ordered by Lyonnaise stalwarts was Choucroute – heavily laden plates containing kassler, smoked sausages, smoked belly of pork, knuckle of pork and all the sauerkraut you could eat.


And to my left another waiter making Steak Tartare for two men, as I watched him mix the ingredients I was beginning to wish I had ordered it.

Ile Flottante pralineBut that is for another time. Here is my dessert of  île flottante aux Pralines Roses de St Genix or œufs à la neige (eggs in snow) interchangeable names but essentially it is poached meringue floating in a crème anglaise and the Lyonnaise touch is to serve it topped with the classic pink praline. I couldn’t have been happier.

Choc dessert ballExcept when I tasted John’s dessert – very rich iced nougat covered in dark chocolate. He doesn’t eat dessert but makes some exceptions when it comes to chocolate, he will order and take a guilt laden scoop but that is to my advantage. I admit after my dessert one spoon was I could handle.
30 Cours de Verdun Perrache, 69002 Lyon, France


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