Our major life change is a sea change

IMG_3043I may appear to have dropped off the planet with the huge time gap since my last post, but I have literally dropped to almost the bottom of the planet by moving to Tasmania.IMG_9569 IMG_9573

There has been so much to organise to move a large houseful of belongings and a collection of art and books amassed over many years. The worry of whether it would all arrive and intact with a long journey including a sea crossing has kept me away from the blog.  And to spare you I did not want to record the tedium of such matters.

At least we were moving to a house we have owned for some time and know that we are already welcome, as we have had four years visiting Tasmania on holiday and have made some very good friends.


So the move and trade is from living in an inland large city to a life at a small coastal hamlet; a big change in weather patterns from Queensland’s tropical heat to the temperate climate of North Eastern Tasmania and then there is the rather sad fact that our new adopted state is the poor relation of all the mainland states.

For our future life here in Binalong Bay, we are engrossed in making ourselves comfortable for a life that for the most be spent in a small radius with interstate or overseas travel for the occasional change of scenery. And so we have embarked on a plan to add a sun room and deck onto our house and the design details have consumed us along with trying to work out where to put all our belongings. I have joined a local Buy Swap Sell group on Facebook and gradually some of our excess is finding its way into other houses in the area. In fact it is becoming quite cathartic and helps in the process of feeling we are making an unencumbered new beginning. I thought I had a good go at selling off or giving away things in Brisbane before I left but it seems on unpacking crates that it was a piffling attempt. Along with the additions we are adding bookshelves for the hundreds of boxes of book we have in a storage shed. Some days when walking on the beach, a wave of guilt passes over me as a reminder that I haven’t opened a box lately and tried to find it a home. But back to the Buy Sell Swap group – what a good idea that is, and now I am discovering there are many more groups set up on the Facebook community around Australia.

This year was the first time that our multi-graft of greengage plum and apricot (Purple Gage and Apricot Moorpark) beared any fruit. Oddly the plums were prolific but just two apricots was hard to understand. I am learning to be patient as I wait for our Burre Bosc pears to mature along with the handful of quinces that I hope survive the birds. The cherry tree yielded two cherries, next year will be a bumper!

Here are some photos taken since I arrived in early December just to show you how much I love our new environment. I have also been around the neighbourhood photographing wood stacks, I love this oh so neat one.Wood stacks so orderly

My neighbours gift of homemade beetroot

My neighbours gift of their home grown and preserved beetroot

Binalong Boat Ramp

Binalong Bay’s boat ramp activity

Gummy shark for dinner

John meets periwinkle & sea urchin guys

John meets Periwinkle & Sea Urchin guys (Tim on boat)

My first batch of blueberry jam

My first batch of Blueberry jam with a dash of Cointreau on locally made wood fired oven bread

John picks blueberries

John went blueberry picking

Skeleton Bay walk

Brisbane couple who also own another house in Tasmania the Heath Enright Trust join us for a walk to Skeleton Bay

Barbara cavorting with RonE

Barbara Heath doing the throw the ball thing with RonE

John is proud

A proud man

Sea urchins

Cannot believe I opened one of these sea urchins

Periwinkles line up

Found a source of Periwinkles 

I have a new venture to announce soon so please be patient and watch this space. I will create a new website and blog so it is likely this blog will be incorporated into the new one. Roz

  1. #1 by Lyn on January 31, 2014 - 10:17 am

    My brother and sister in law are currently travelling around Tasmania in a mobile home and LOVING every minute of it. Lyn in Brisbane

  2. #2 by Debra Kolkka on February 1, 2014 - 6:48 am

    It all looks fabulous Roz…what an adventure your new life will be.

  3. #3 by Jenny Whitton on February 16, 2014 - 12:10 am

    Hi Roz, You are always doing such interesting things! I remember in QPAT days all of us buying beautiful Barbara Heath jewellery thanks to you! Your Tasmania photos look wonderful, I’m heading there for my first ever visit this year. Look forward to the new blog, Jenny

    • #4 by tastetravel on February 16, 2014 - 12:40 am

      Great to hear from you – my dear friend Barbara with her husband also own a house here in Tasmania that they visit for a few months a year. It is a wonderful state with much to offer and these days more ‘mainlanders’ are considering a visit whereas in the past it was largely forgotten. Let me know when you decide to come down and hopefully I can offer some tips. Opening seafood cookery school at the end of the year. Roz

  4. #5 by Trish Honeywill on April 12, 2014 - 12:34 pm

    Hi Roz, great to see you have settled in. Congratulations. Look forward to the next update.

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