Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre

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Beaconsfield museum was an idea of Rotary back in the 70’s and it today it stands as a testament to the voluntary work of service clubs who drive worthwhile projects for the community.

The town of Beaconsfield came to the attention of the world with its dramatic mine rescue of Todd Russell and Brant Webb. The complex details of which are explained and demonstrated at the centre. The mining section of the museum is very well displayed with use of the art of hologram technology and interactive display of the quality I have seen at the Smithsonian. The more recent mine disaster is handled well with exhibits and storyboards on the hows and why-fors and in particular just how complex it was to get the miners out.


That famous mine accident inspired a knitted memorial project, this is just one section as it fills another 27 sections like this one.


The museum also holds a collection of artifacts on apple production and country living with various farm machinery and memorabilia of the area. Mr Tom Diprose had a vast collection which is on loan to the museum courtesy of his family. So it is not just a museum for the mine and for those who want to be ghoulish about its well-known mine accident.

IMG_1239Part of Tom Diprose Room.


I am sure are thousands more of these old stoves throughout Tasmania judging by the amount of smoking kitchen chimneys I spot as we drive around.


More reminders of the basics of life back in the ‘olden days’.

There is a very large souvenir and gift shop and all it needs is a coffee shop and may just about sustain the entire enterprise.

There is a platform to view the Gold Mine and you can visit the engine house, see shaft relics and other ruins. Well worth a visit to appreciate the vital role this mine once had in the north of Tasmania.

My iPhone did not do it justice so please visit its website for more information Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre

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