Bicheno Food and Wine Festival 2012

The food and wine festival in the Tasmanian east coast town of Bicheno is still young but since last year has had a growth spurt. This year we hoped for a better layout and more seating and we were not disappointed.

These cheeky boys were having some fun. Maybe this young man was on a dare or a stag day. Not sure about the black fish net gloves, but love the beading. He was not carrying a wedding bouquet but a baby doll in a pink car seat.

Cooking class in progress. Lots of food for snacking, some really good, some lacking in appeal, we were with three other people so we looked for some dishes we could share. Some priced too high, others fairly priced. There were food operators new to the scene whilst the wine producers were seasoned and priced wine consistently. One stall’s fare disappointed us so much that we returned the dish (a pizza) and they immediately refunded our money ($30) no questions asked. Not the price which was exorbitant for the diameter of the pizza but because it was not cooked well enough.

Over at the craft hall natural dyes and knitted mittens, gloves and toys. Even Shane Gould a Bicheno resident and fine art graduate had a stand with her photographs. Knut the jeweller from St Helens Spiral Creations exhibited his take on the popular Tassie devil and Tree of Life jewellery. The art and craft shed was across the road, we felt for the exhibitors, not very connected and many would not make the effort to leave the vibrant atmosphere of the food and wine festival to visit it.

Michelle of Spiral Creations in the background.

Quilt is being raffled for the Bicheno Mens Shed.

Children were not forgotten, the ubiquitous yet always popular face painting.

Donna of Leavenbank Bread in St Helens teamed up with Kelly who was selling the Red Cow Dairies fetta cheese. Love the way you can return the empty jars for a refund like the soft drink bottles in South Australia. They offered a tasting plate of cheese, pate and sour dough bread for $12. Ideal for sharing.

The art and craft shed was across the road in the school hall and annoyingly, we felt for the exhibitors, not very connected and many would not make the effort to leave the joy de vivre of the food and wine festival to visit it.

We are lucky to have this bread in St Helens but it is only baked once a week now as Donna is studying for a degree.

An exhibition of surf boards from the last century lined the adjacent tennis court.

Pasini’s the cafe and deli in Bicheno joined in this year and offered simple calamari on the barbecue.

The crowds seemed happy to stay at this festival as everything was close to hand, except the craft hall of course.

Hay bales scattered around provided extra seating.

Inside the memorial hall, a chocolate cake competition had been held at the beginning of the day with the winning cake and other entries being sold off, sliced and served with cream. You had to be early to get slice of the winning cake.

The tacos people had a nice looking stand.

Eureka farms represented again this year with summer pudding.

Market and festival stalls are never short of olive oil sales in Tasmania.

A nice place to rest and listen to the bands. Next year we will bring chairs so we have a seat no one else will pounce on when we leave to buy food and wine and a place to rest our drinks.


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  1. #1 by Debra Kolkka on November 19, 2012 - 10:07 am

    These local festivals are always great fun…..and the food is good too.

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