Mollymook for Rick Stein

What a cute name is Mollymook. I had conjured up an image of a little town with quaint houses and we found one! A strange combination of beach house and Chinese temple, just down the road from Bannisters resort.

I love seafood and Rick Stein’s commentary so much on his TV food travel programs that I made the pilgrimage to Cornwall from Australia so I could enjoy some of Rick Stein‘s northern hemisphere Fruits de mer and now I can say I have done the same for his choice of Australian seafood. Click here if you want to go back to the story I wrote on attending the Rick Stein Cooking School in Padstow.

We arrived in Mollymook in the early afternoon and called into its general store where we had a very decent plate of freshly fried flathead and chips and salad.

At Bannisters we were given a room with a very sunny balcony. It is an old motel that has been refurbished and I am sure the new additions of suites, penthouse and the The Pinnacle are very schmick but we only stayed one night so decided a simple Ocean room would suit us. The bathroom is small and basic but at least an effort was made to update it. My biggest complaint about most hotel bathrooms is that there is nowhere near the basin and mirror to place your toiletries. I bought one of those hang on the back of the door handle toilet amenity bags for all the inadequate bathrooms we have to use around the world, but even using the door handle means the toiletries are often out of convenient reach.

We were looking forward to our dinner reservation and took an afternoon walk around the area to make sure we worked up an appetite after the fish and chips and to have a good stretch after the long drive down from Sydney’s Neutral Bay.

We felt that the little township of Mollymook looks about the same size as our little hamlet of Binalong Bay in north-eastern Tasmania.

Here are some of the dishes. The sashimi was my choice and a triumph. 

Please forgive the white blurs on this photo, but this bowl of seafood on ice had me was a close second to the sashimi and wished I had ordered it too and despite the photo faults I just had to put it in. We all decided that the entrees were far superior to the main courses. Another visit and we may just order a stack of entrees.The salmon was another entree.

Not content with one fish and chips dish for the day John ordered another. The plate was not rearranged. We took the photo of the fish and chips as it arrived.  The composition could have been improved as there was a big white gap. My Indonesian fish curry arrived topped with kaffir lime leaf garnish. Kaffir lime leaves I have never had served in Indonesia. Oh well it was only a garnish.

The lamb was a tad underdone but pronounced edible.

Next day I looked longingly at the swimming pool but it was just too windy to contemplate. But our mission was to eat. A generous breakfast was included with the tariff. If I lived in Sydney I would spend more time on the south coast but with my lovely Binalong Bay in Tasmania calling it will be sometime before we return.


Click here for my post on our 2010 visit to Rick Stein’s in Padstow Cornwall


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  1. #1 by Narelle Moulton on December 17, 2012 - 2:59 am

    Hi Roz, I have a bit of down time at work and decided to revisit your blog. What a surprise when I scrolled down to your visit to Mollymook. I can remember going to Mollymook beach when we were they only peole ther and the road to Bannister was dirt and lead to an old silica wharf. My how times have changed. My grandparents had a house in Ulladulla and that is where I spent most of my childhood holidays.

    • #2 by tastetravel on December 17, 2012 - 4:03 am

      I remember you speaking of Ulladulla. Mollymook reminds me of Binalong Bay but of course the nearby towns are larger than the ones surrounding BB and therefore it does not seem as remote. Have you visited in recent years?

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