Beach Houses of Binalong Bay

Some of the houses in Binalong Bay are well designed and some are not. We also have many simple shacks here that I prefer over the suburban pre-fab cottage that was recently brought in on a truck.

One of the newer style beach houses – this one is near us. Not sure I would place the gas bottles at the front.

This is the suburban pre-fab cottage,  it is a shocker.I love this beach house, its the quintessential shack that characterises the 50’s and 60’s in Binalong Bay. There are still many empty blocks of land.

This shack had a makeover and is a popular rental.

You need to build two storey homes in some areas to capture the views.

On Main Road, it has sold.

No imagination, no style but they know what colour they like.

Nearly finished. And the builder bought the green grassed block next door so his view would not be built out.

One of the paths that conveniently lead between streets for the walkers.A new house built by a Pyengana resident as their beach house escape.

The gate sports a coat of arms, maybe we have an aristocrat in our midst.

One of the original shacks built here – typical of the one room shacks fishermen erected so they could have a place to rest between long periods at sea. These shacks are few and far between now and cannot be purchased as they are so close to the boat ramp. They are leased to the original occupant’s descendents. The road in the foreground is not attractive but that is because it is used by locals to park their cars and boat trailers after launching their boats.

We could be in Noosa.  Maybe Binalong Bay is the Noosa of Tasmania, only the size of the population is vastly different.

There is lovely garden around this cute weekender.

Above – the old fireplace is getting a new skin.  Below a dizzying clash of styles. Remember those Besser blocks. The balustrade is grand, don’t you agree.


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