Prague’s new gallery DOX

A taxi ride into unknown territory outside the central area of Prague and away from tourists took us to DOX the very new Czech art gallery. We found several exhibitions but more to spaces inside being finished so it is still a building in progress. Even the delivery of art consignments was open for us to view.

We arrived just before opening at 11am and standing across the road we spotted the red skull surveying us from above.

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The galleries had explanations in Czech and English as were the accompanying leaflets at the front desk. Staff spoke English which was helpful as our Czech is non existent.

The transformed tour bus up on the sculpture deck was intriguing, however we did not get  what was happening with the huge hole at front, but we went inside and watched historical footage of anthropologist’s recording of a fascinating transaction of a bride sale in PNG.

The red Zig Zag Corridor paintings on the walls of the ramp is by the artist Petr Kvicala. Another gallery is devoted to his works, some are overlapping bands of paper and others are paintings.

We almost had the gallery to ourselves and by the time we left a few more arrived but it is obviously only for the dedicated art litterarty!!.


  1. #1 by malcolmenright on June 3, 2011 - 5:43 am

    but it is obviously only for the dedicated art litterarty!!. . . . sounds like you lucky guys!
    mal E + Bh

  2. #2 by sheila on June 3, 2011 - 10:46 am

    Hi Roz
    Have you been to the cubist gallery yet? It’s fantastic. And the art deco dining room on the lower floor still has me sighing with delight. I had afternoon tea. Will you be going to Cesky Kromlov? It has this amazing baroque theatre. it’s about 3 hours by bus for 4 by train. Also don’t forget to do the watuzi in front of the famous dancing building for Ken and I!

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