Our neighbourhood in Berlin

Our world is white

We took an apartment, it was only for five days but more spacious than a hotel room. We chose the Prenzlauer Berg district and from what we could see it is a pleasant residential district with a wide variety of types, yuppies, goths, gays and every other label you like to apply.  We get an eyeful every time we walk out the door and had to keep the camera ready, we were the only people walking around with a camera and when we were asked where we were staying we go the thumbs up for staying there. It is also the suburb with young couples who are having children, unlike some of the other areas in Berlin according to locals.

We are on the top corner apartment with balcony

Our kitchen like the rest of the apartment was very contemporary and belies the first impression from the street.

I did not know anything about these common apartment buildings and thought at first when we arrived that it was rather dour which of course it remained but we were told it is a classic building in Berlin. They were built only 4 floors high and all around the time when everything was very unsexy.  I know sounds very flip but it was in the truly serious days of little wealth and certain ideals about housing the masses. In a perverse way I was glad I was not in a fancy Baroque style building as I felt like I understood what some of the East Berlin was like during the Cold War.

The balcony is cheerful and our apartment had all the comforts but the four flights of stairs, we counted 83 is not fun!!!!!

Prenzlauer Berg’s old buildings, were built mainly from the beginning of the 20th century (1889 to 1905). Most of the buildings in this suburb were built before 1948. The oldest building still standing being is from 1848. In the second World War, relatively few buildings were destroyed in comparison to other areas of the city. The bridge we walk over, during the day it is thick with bicycles chained to the railings. The lovely patterns on each panel have not escaped the ‘graffitists’.Two motor bikes that have been abandoned. Same vintage, same colour, what a pity, they should be rescued and renovated.

We are five minutes walk from the circle line, the trains that run around the perimeter of inner Berlin and the U2 which is one of the metro stations that intersect the train lines. So I have had a crash course on the Berlin transport system. We could take taxis but it is quick and reliable.Shops in our vicinity…….I did not know the Goth ladies had underwear designed for them. You live and learn!!!

This is for my friend Mary, you know who you are, from the Goth shop.

We went to the local Saturday market.The bread in Germany is writing home about. A large variety of biscuits at the street market.Germans must like creamy dippy thingies. Just not sure if they are made of full fat cream cheese so left them alone.Trailer near the market, it has not escaped a graffiti artist.

This Saturday market is partially organic on Wednesdays it is all organic.

There is also an amazing organic supermarket in our area that was very cool.

As you go up the travelator you can throw something in your trolley. You have to make up your mind quickly otherwise have another grab on the way back down.

A woman dressed in green and red and dyed her hair to match.



  1. #1 by maryd on May 31, 2011 - 8:56 am

    Fascinating! Berlin is really out there isn’t it. I thought so when I was last there – in 1982 – before the Wall came down. I’m sure now it must be even more fantastic in all ways. Now about that goth hairclip – I love it, and am wondering if I am your only friend Mary?!! What a shop. Great apartment by the way.

  2. #2 by Celia on May 31, 2011 - 10:27 am

    Great post, Roz! I think your apartment looks lovely. Berlin certainly looks like an interesting place to spend a week!

  3. #3 by bagnidilucca on June 1, 2011 - 10:16 am

    Great apartment. It looks as though you are having fun.

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