MAS spectacular in Antwerp

The Antwerp museum known simply as MAS opened this month and it was one of the reasons we visited Antwerp. We were at the doors right on opening time. We bought tickets online to avoid the queues but it was probably a waste of time as we still had to wait until 10am to collect them even though the website said to turn up 15 minutes early. We hate standing in line you might have gathered, well we are getting too old to waste time.The building is made of red sandstone from India but to us it looks like slate. They are not simply cladding, they are boxes of stone. A hand, the symbol of Antwerp is cast in aluminium and placed on panels on the exterior – there are 3,000 of them, and inside the floors are embedded with medallions.The curved glass resembles pipes of an organ when viewed at certain angles. The curves contribute to making the glass panels self-supporting. Even if you are not visiting the museum galleries inside you can enter the building and take the escalators to the very top for a view of the city.

There are specific focus exhibitions but even in the ethnographic, historical and maritime floors they liven up traditional collections by including contemporary art.Just behind STORM is a cafe. Here is a photo before the crowds descended.Looking down at the boats from MAS. A yellow smart car on board.

It was a dull morning when I took the photos from various levels and considering the curves in the glass too much reflection.

A shallow yet to be filled water feature or just a mosaic artwork designed to look ancient. For more background on the building of MAS read the link below.
Wallpaper magazine


  1. #1 by sheila on May 29, 2011 - 1:00 am

    What did you think of the collection Roz?

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