Anish Kapoor at Grand Palais

We bought tickets online for MONUMENTA – Leviathan and are we glad we did, we marched straight through the entrance and avoided the long queue.

The Monumenta series is sponsored by the French government’s Ministry of Culture and invites the world’s leading artists to fill the space. To art lovers around the world, Anish Kapoor needs no introduction. I won’t go into any description, the sculpture can be appreciated on many levels and does not always need interpretation. Anyone wanting to know more about his work should follow this link to his website.

A feat always to work in this space, a gigantic glass house built in the Belle Époque era in glass and iron.

Last year we were in London and saw the pavilion next to the Serpentine Gallery designed by Jean Nouvel, the French architect, it knocked us out and here again we are surrounded by powerful red aura.

Anish Kapoor rose to the occasion admirably. I am silenced for a change, the work speaks volumes.We are all diminished.The building requires a powerful statement.The wonderful light during the day.The amazing balcony in iron.

Floors could be in Pompei they are so worn.

I think this is a newer floor area.

If you haven’t worked it out by now, the first red photos are what we encountered when we first went inside, the purple forms are the exterior.

Doug Hall, the previous Director of the Queensland Art Galley was honoured on his retirement by the gallery when they purchased an Anish Kapoor sculpture and dedicated it to him for his service. Just a small connection to our humble state of  Queensland.

Looking back from the exit door


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  1. #1 by Kenny on May 16, 2011 - 9:52 pm

    Wow! Just like being there with these great photos, Roz. Surreal. What a great mind to create objects so mesmerizing. Thanks again “taking me there with you”. Cheers, Kenny

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