Classic design in Sydney

Australia has recently seen a massive increase in the quantity and range of interior furniture distributors and showrooms but Sydney has been well served for many years and Anibou is a stalwart, established in 1989. It is now in East Redfern so I set off to look for an item of furniture I saw recently in a magazine. To my disappointment, it was sold but it was not a wasted trip as I saw other interesting items and discovered another great furniture shop across the road.

At Anibou I was greeted by a very personable man, seen here showing us the Roethlisber ‘Shell’ plywood cabinet, portable, with interchangeable shelves, and perfect if you need to save space and it can be turned into a wardrobe.

Anibou also sell some pieces of clothing made from Marimekko fabrics, the large multi coloured prints from the 70’s.  It is now very fashionable to throw 70’s parties so you could have an excuse to buy one of the bold print shift dresses.

Nearby is the FY2K showroom. Coincidentally doesn’t the floor rug here remind one of Marimekko?

The store has produced a CD of all the designers and the friendly Michael Manos had them at the front desk so of course I asked him for one, without hesitation he gave me a copy, what a clever marketing idea, so anyone visiting the store can aquire a permanent record of what they sell and of course perfect for interior designers and architects to minimise storage for their reference libraries. If it were my business I would be sending to everyone in the industry, maybe he has done so.

Simple good design is the hallmark here – from Europe, New Zealand and locally sourced. They have everything –  cosy and corporate.

Seeing this furniture I want to start all over again.

The two black chairs have stamped pattern, notice the punched hole design, different pattern on each chair. FY2K.

Our next stop was at the new showroom for Robyn Cosgrove Rugs in Woollahra but truthfully it just did not seem like the kind of place that would consent to photos. There was a very nice gentleman who greeted us and answered our questions but the presence of three men standing to attention with their backs to the walls at the back of the shop  (they appeared to be on standby to lift and display the rugs) was a bit daunting. I am used to seeing spare men hanging around to pull out rugs at the snap of fingers in Istanbul and other oriental rug stops but they usually do something else when not needed to show the wares.

The showroom is full of beautiful rugs of course and my cousin who had taken me there had bought all her interesting floor rugs from Robyn Cosgrove so I know you wouldn’t have to look much further if you needed a classic or contemporary floor rug in Sydney.

  1. #1 by Celia on April 7, 2011 - 11:10 pm

    Great post Roz, thanks! What a wealth of interesting design we have here in Sydney – not that I knew about it before your post.. 😉

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