Wooden Boat Festival, 2011 Hobart

Huon handmade boat - I would want it as a sculpture in the house!

It was our first visit to the Wooden Boat Festival on Sullivans Cove in Hobart and the first time available to visit without a cover charge. The crowds descended, appreciating free entry. We thought it busier than the Taste Festival that coincides with the end of the Sydney to Hobart Boat Race.

Look we did not see everything on offer but there were also boat races, films and talks, off site exhibitions, cooking classes which we attended and will write about in another post,  and I heard later that Jessica Watson the teenage yachtie gave a talk.

Choir on the water

A group of people in a boat were singing, a bit eccentric. Love the reflection of their life jackets.

Dinghies and kayaks

See the legs dangling out of a boat in the background, people just enjoying hanging around on the water.

Look at the middle, the crowd admiring the sports boat

And then there were flash wooden motor boats that looked like open sports cars for the water, just like the ones we see in Venice.

Buildings and boats

Signs on the boats, who owns it and who built it etc. Everyone had bunting and nautical flags and the odd beach towel.

Boat bike how cute is that

Is it  boat or bike, so appropriate to park it near the boat show.

People eating fish and chips outside Flippers take away fish cafe

The programme had something for all ages and interests. Shipwright Bill Foster spoke about construction and authenticity of dinghies. The humble dinghy is elevated and immortalised in wooden boats at this festival.

The crowd watched as logs were split for boat building

In another location children and teenagers entered a boat building competition  (their wood was already cut for them)  under instruction, each team got three hours to cut and build a boat. Day one is building, day two is decoration and day three, main event with parade. Such a wonderful activity that I have never seen elsewhere in Australia.

You really must come to the next Wooden boat show. It is on every two years www.australianwoodenboatfestival.com.au


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