Orchids of Bruny Island, Tasmania

Our recent visit to Bruny Island delivered a wonderful surprise. We met the photographer Allegra Biggs Dale. I had actually noticed her book on Orchids of Bruny Island at the shop and cafe at the Kettering ferry dock and thought about buying a copy on my return journey.I grow a few orchids in Brisbane and until last year I was under the impression that orchids would not be easy to grow in Tasmania. Then I saw quite a few on my neighbour Sue’s deck here in the Bay of Fires.

Then Sue walked to our house one day through the nature reserve in front and said ‘do you know you have an orchid flowering (she identified it but I cannot recall its name) in front of your land where it joins the reserve?’

So since then I have had my eyes open and even found one to photograph myself on Bruny Island.  So you can imagine my delight when later on this day trip, I fluked a meeting with Allegra. I had to buy some copies of her book, definitely one for my orchid loving neighbour Sue and one for an ailing friend in Brisbane to send her some cheer.  Allegra Biggs Dale in the photo here with her ‘micro’ books is a long time resident of Bruny Island and both author and publisher but more importantly the photographer.

The macro exhibition of photographs in the book.

Allegra and her husband Adrian have a large parcel of land that they will dedicate as a reserve for the future. Although the gate is open, it is private so it is polite to call before venturing further. Here is a link to their Labilliardiere Estate and I recommend you book a stay in her guest house Chez Discovery.

The guest house verandah.

The amphibian vehicle driven around Labillardiere Estate by Adrian and Allegra, this would be a novel way to see some of the beauty spots here. Yes a sculpture or two in the background, definitely a place of discovery.


  1. #1 by bagnidilucca on January 14, 2011 - 8:45 pm

    Amazing photos of the orchid.

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