Moorilla Estate, Tasmania

The big news here in Tasmania is that a world-class art gallery is about to open at the Moorilla Winery. We wanted to see the grounds and taste the wine before the crowds descend. The wines no longer carry the label Moorilla (all packaging has a simple M lable) after tasting its Praxis and Muse wines I was ready and willing to join its Cellar Door club. These guys are working to a deadline to smooth out any rough edges.

The wine bar has both inside and outside seating and is very elegantly furnished. The estate also has a more formal restaurant and function room in the ‘Claudio’ building and you go to this building if you wish to taste the wines.

View from the Cellar Door – looking back toward the restaurant. Note the John Perceval painting on the ceiling.

But this day we took our lunch in the wine bar building where they serve high quality tapas style snacks.

A venison terrine with bread $14.00 and a platter of roasted vegetables, $10.00 both reasonable prices and serves large enough for lunch.

Entrance to the accommodation at Moorilla Estate.

Another view of the accommodation pavilions, each one has its own name and a matching car parking space.

You can take a boat from the Hobart waterfront for the opening of MONA. Keep in mind that you will not be able to park at Moorilla for the opening celebrations and the nearby Entertainment Centre will be used by the estate and they have organised shuttle buses from there.

David Walsh is the visionary new owner to succeed Claudio Alcorso here at Moorilla and I recommend you look at the website of the Alcorso Foundation if you and have not been to Moorilla Estate in Berriedale, Tasmania. I will write another post once I get a chance to visit the new gallery MONA after its opening. In the meantime I hope I have wetted your appetite!



  1. #1 by Kathryn on January 9, 2011 - 2:47 am

    Roz, My appetite is wetted…in more ways than one. This will be definite for any trip I make to Tasmania.

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