Meadowbank Estate restaurant

A short drive out of Hobart on the Coal River winery trail is Meadowbank Estate. We learned on arrival that Frogmore Creek winery, an organic winery that is directly across the road facing the car park have recently bought Meadowbank. If you are interested in wines, check the website, they have even added a blog.

The yellow sign with cut out of an arrow is a convict trail marker. The history of the surrounding area is on the sign. Some idiot had put two beer bottles and a used nappy bag behind the sign. What kind of people were visiting the winery? I know but I won’t put it in this post.The views from the winery are worth the trip out to Cambridge and it is only around twenty minutes from the city.But we came for the food. Of course I was up for an obligatory wine tasting before we took our table in the restaurant.

The head chef at Meadowbank is Wayne Smith and up until last year he was in our nearest town of St Helens here in the north east of Tasmania with his French restaurant Margot and we were missing his brand and style.

My entrée of  zucchini and flowers filled with seafood mousse.

Johns entree with Serrano ham, finely trimmed asparagus. The nuts were lightly spiced.

Johns braised lamb main. We noticed Wayne has scaled his food down a little which is sensible as his serves at Margot were large and I suspect he did it that way for the locals here who like to eat big! But the downside was they did not eat often enough at his restaurant.

My main of pork, two cuts of pork and the pork belly is hard to beat anywhere. Love the yellow beetroot.

We chose and entrée and main course each. No desserts for us this day.  I normally cannot resist Wayne’s desserts, even John who rarely eats them will succumb to his chocolate dessert but we were meeting friends back at the Taste festival in Hobart and the in season berries were beckoning.

I chose a Grace Elizabeth chardonnay wine by the glass that I had not tasted in the wine tasting area. Our bill for 2 people, 2 courses, 2 glasses of wine for me was $126.00.

Grace Elizabeth is the name given to Meadowbank’s reserve Chardonnay. Here are the tasting notes ‘This wine has an excellent fruit driven nose with hints of French oak. Subtle French oak handling highlights the powerful fruit driven palate balanced by creaminess from barrel fermentation and maturation for 10 months’.

We had a quick visit to the gallery upstairs which doubles as a private tasting room and meeting room. The exhibition is by Dan Giselsson a nature photographer. I did not take any photos as you can see his work on his website.  If I had to create a brochure for Tasmania, he is the man.



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