Taste festival Hobart 2010

The timing is brilliant for a foodie gathering and what a venue, right in the heart of Hobart down on the waterfront. I had been anticipating a visit for some time and so had thousands of others. It is well patronised and if you like eating standing up you won’t be disappointed. Oh well maybe there will never be enough seating even though it has been increased this year.The best food stalls are easy to identify, you see the longest line…..It is interesting to most foodies I conject, that one of the busiest stands here is the tempura mushroom stand. You cannot even get to the counter to see what the fuss is about, you just have to wait to see what the people in front are carrying away.

The berries do nicely also and of course there is a plethora of seafood. I had Thai mussels that were on a bed of rice, but the rice was very undercooked. Anyway I was there for the mussels.We had berries from here, well worth a lineup.

Not a lot of food sold at Taste is preserved or take home products, of course there is some cheese for sale but mostly fresh food cooked to be eaten straight away.Best burgers, can it be proven? Best get to the Taste and try for yourself.

Blundstone boots, what has that to do with anything foodwise – well we cannot answer that but they are there in a tent at the entrance and at least it is Tasmanian owned. They told us that they produce a special order not available at any time other than at the Taste festival. Whether that is a porky or not I don’t know, maybe that is the relation to the taste theme.

For a change of scenery you can walk around to see the yachts in from the famous Sydney to Hobart race. Or walk around the tourist shops in Salamanca Place.

We were tipped off where to find the finishing line and avoid the crowds for the race ending. Of course you need to know when they are due.



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