Organic Market at Boulevard Raspail, Paris

We have a large shopping carte – French style on wheels so with it we went to the Sunday market at Boulevard Raspail – in the fashionable 6th arrondissement. I am not the first to blog about this market and I did a post on it last time we visited but this post is up to the minute!

Also here are the raw ingredients – what we bought and did with it.The choices of meat and chicken vendors are not extensive but they are the best and all qualified to be biologically reared.

A character at the market.

I wanted this cabbage but really far too big for us today.

However I did not pass over these carrots, they went into the shopping cart along with leeks for a la grecque.

We also bought some fat Toulouse style sausages and asked the butcher to cut in half large fillet of beef. And the veal here is superior to what we see in Australia and a variety of cuts always available. My organic butcher there only has it on certain days and not all the cuts I want.

Our chicken sans makeup. We bought a big chicken the feast would have fed six so we had plenty of leftovers.

Here is the result of the make-over – a beautiful chicken. Served with the carrots, potatoes and romanesco, the broccoli from Roma.A dizzying array of cheese.

By the time we arrived it was so busy – around 10.30 am and pulling a shopping cart through the narrow pathway was so difficult even more so for the people who had a child in a stroller and cart!They are late making the paella today.

Leeks simmering with bay leaf, garlic, thyme and little olive oil in the water.

There is a system and it means queuing again. John here with the backpack. Some vegetable stalls let you stack your goodies in a plastic basket and then you hand them over, whilst others won’t let you touch anything. But when it is busy you must conform and join that queue.

A shopping trolley full and only a small fridge to keep it back at the apartment. So we buy carefully and so there is no waste. When you buy this top quality, it is expensive but you use everything as quickly as you can.


  1. #1 by zoetropic on October 11, 2010 - 12:14 pm

    The fresh markets are one of my favorite aspects of living in France! I was staying in Butte aux Cailles for a number of months before moving to the south of France – and I ADORED the market by Place D’Italie…the smell of that market is the smell that most profoundly brings nostalgia for that time period. Lovely photos – reminds me that I need to get offline and go cook up the fresh dorade I just bought at my market for lunch…mmmm 😉

    • #2 by tastetravel on October 11, 2010 - 1:05 pm

      I just had dorade for dejeuner! And return to your message. How did you find my blog. I will look at your blog and love the title.

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