Sevres Musee serves up banquet

Most days we set ourselves an agenda to make the most of our visits to Paris. We choose an activity that we anticipate will be the highlight of the day and we were not disappointed on Saturday when took the metro to the last stop of the No 9 line.  Here is the town of Sèvres now an outer suburb of Paris. The magnificent former palace that houses the Sèvres Porcelain workshops and exhibition rooms is just a short walk over the Seine from the metro.

On approach to the Musée national de Céramique de Sèvres we were impressed by the scale and grandeur of the entrance. Two massive blue and white ceramic urns flanked the doors.

The garden at the entrance has an impressive contemporary ceramic block sculpture forming a pyramid that echoes the shape of the topiary so prevalent in French gardens.The rear of the main building, just as attractive as the front.

From the back of the château you see the atelier –  the building that houses the kilns, see the chimneys on the curved roofs.

The pathway features more contemporary ceramics.Either side of the staircase are two massive pure white urns fired with both matt and gloss glazes. The blue horizontal ceramic on the table at the top of the stairs in part of the special exhibition of members of AIC – the Académie International de la céramique that held its AGM in France this September.

In the alcoves either side of the stairs are two haphazard stacks of various dishes and plates.  On one side the dishes were bisque fired and the other stack were finished with the trademark perfect white glaze. One should not touch.

Whilst we saw its permanent collection and the rooms that housed the contemporary temporary exhibition, the curators also chose to randomly add some large-scale contemporary work in the galleries containing the historical collection.

I am doing two posts on this visit as the amount of photos I took would make too long a post. As a reader of a few blogs myself the long ones are not appealing for busy people.


  1. #1 by mary d on September 26, 2010 - 1:10 pm

    Thank you Roz – here is something to do in Paris that we’ve never heard of! Love the stacks of plates.
    Also agree about keeping a blog short….
    xxxx from Greece.

    • #2 by Roz Macallan on September 26, 2010 - 4:40 pm

      We thought of you there and knew you would love it Roz

      Sent from my iPad

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