Paris for Patisserie

I am always looking in the windows of pastry shops and Paris never disappoints. It is a very competitive business here and I only patronise the ones that truly make their own. Our latest discovery has set a new bar, not only for the quality but for presentation.

La Patisserie Des Reves is headed by pastry chef Philippe Conticini. There is always a new upstart in either the chocolate or pastry scene here and he is most likely the current one.  To see more of his wares, open the website and you will also view the brochure I have from the shop.

So a year after it opened (that was back in September 2009) we called in to inspect. The centre display is outstanding, of glass domes covering each individual item. A cantilever system above allows the assistants or the customer to lift the cover to clearly view or remove the item that sits on a refrigerated base. On the website is another picture of the eclair that I could not resist. It is no ordinary eclair, it has been gift wrapped in a thin sheet of chocolate and note the gilding, a metallic sheen dusted on top. 

Last year I discovered the creative Sadaharu Aoki but they wouldn’t let me take photos. This shop said to take as many as I liked.

The single eclair, enough for two people really was well boxed – a styrene base inserted inside the cardboard and little plastic supports added so that it would not shake around and spoil. The plastic supports are the same shape as the motif of the patisserie. 

I also bought a single madeleine, why one? well never before have I seen them this size. There is a standard size madeleine mould and small ones made for petit fours but this one was the largest I have seen, not only large in scale but the best flavour and light texture, it even had visible flecks of vanilla bean.

When the assistant asked if I would like napkins included I replied, oui merci. At home later I found squares of a fine cloth, not paper, how extravagant.


  1. #1 by mary d on September 26, 2010 - 7:49 pm

    Looks and sounds delicious – another place to visit – thanks Roz.

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