Parisian flower art

Floristry blooms in Paris.  I am so inspired and we often buy fresh flowers for our apartment whilst visiting.

I was looking at some plastic vases in Merci – the little  uber design department store and thought – what a good idea for travel. You can lie one flat as a crepe in your luggage and when in your hotel or digs, add water and Voila!  I didn’t buy one though, it is a bit frivolous but still a good idea don’t you think?  They were around €18 so maybe that is why I hesitated. I will give it some more thought.

In the gardens behind Notre Dame (that many people miss) were these cane woven sculptures, obviously just a short-term enhancement. Also a good place to get alternative pictures of the most photographed church in Paris.

Note a couple snogging in the background to the right, we see this ‘activity’ all the time in Paris. I am sure people come here for this purpose just so they can end up in my photos.

If you are creative and have some similiar material lying around you could whimsy up the garden too. Celia that’s why I took these photos to show you.

And just behind the Eglise in St Germaine area we discovered this combination of edible plants with the decorative, right in the front entrance to a building. It is a rare find to see enough space for a private garden out front. I had to poke the camera between the iron grill fencing. You can just see the nuisance grill to the right of the photo with the standard pink rose.We regularly see chard grown among flowers in parks here. Possums do not reign in Paris.

I was just walking down Rue du Bac and came across this lovely entrance to a store at No 16 –  Le Grand Comptoir I have not been in before. Using flowers and potted plants to get your attention works.

On Rue Antoine within a few metres are two outstanding florists. Bees were swarming around the sunflowers and John had to stay clear. He was bitten by a wasp in Bath and like bees their stings give him a very bad reaction.

This one had a very beautiful display that they obviously must dismantle every day. Love the pumpkins.

Also note the little pots of olives, they have had the Bonsai treatment haven’t they, they must – to have so many olives at such a ‘young age’?

Leaving this little image to last. Swung around the corner to see this gem lined up with other scooters and quickly pulled the camera out. Can it be legal to drive round on flower power?


  1. #1 by Debra Kolkka on September 22, 2010 - 8:28 am

    Hiow gorgeous! Gardens and flowers make everything look better.

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