Attention chefs and avid cooks

The idea of selling my sunny dream kitchen that I designed to someone else is rather difficult to swallow but if a food fanatic ends up the buyer of our house in Toowong I will be much happier. It would be a tragedy if the new owner has only ever opened a packet cake mix or worse and buys supermarket cakes and biscuits.

Chocolate tart and hazelnut ice cream

Oh well.. once I am gone I won’t be the wiser about my kitchen being put to good use.  This is a photo taken of the big stainless steel bench by aiming up at the former overhead mirror that used to be suspended from the ceiling. It is no longer there but it came in mighty handy for the food photography days and my cooking classes.

Moroccan food on the bench

My second but favourite Gas oven

This is a piglet I cooked in my large gas turbo oven. It was to cater for a large group of Slow Food members in Brisbane. We carefully put it in the car and transported it to Mt Coot-tha park. The skin was as thin and crisp as cooked filo pastry.

Pig in repose

I always have something cooking or in the process of being prepped so it is not natural for me to be worrying about kitchen mess. Once the house is officially open for inspections it will not only have to be spotless but flawless and super shiny. The stainless steel cleaner will be at the ready.

Fried Haloumi for lunch

If a family of teenagers move in then it is likely the family will lower the current position of the microwave and everyone will heat up a separate meal. That last statement is depressing to me as I still believe in everyone sitting together at least once a day and preferably at dinner to discuss each others events. I could fill this blog and many more with how easy it is to cook a meal at home rather than buy takeaway or frozen food.  The haloumi was cooked on the grill plate and only took a couple of minutes each side.

Ready for my close up

One item a family may like is the deep fryer. I designed the bench so that it did not sit up on the bench but flush with the top. I have decided that although it is not a fixture, the commercial fryer can go with the house. Most people take whatever is not bolted down or wired in but we think someone who wants this kitchen will appreciate the bonus fryer also.

Dinnerware cupboards

The cupboards where I keep my dinnerware and the kitchen pantry have stainless steel inserts in the Beech laminate frames, an idea from old meat safes that is ideal for our hot temperatures in Queensland as it gives good air flow and is pest proof. Not that we have any pests as over the years we have always had our house sprayed regularly. I was surprised on a recent trip to Darwin to see so many houses with cockroaches. They are known to live in dishwashers and our dishwasher service guy said it was unusual to see a dishwasher in Brisbane so free of roaches. You can just see the pantry cupboard in the reflection.

Sometimes people ask me what I would change about this kitchen so they can garner good ideas for the ideal kitchen for them. This query has given me plenty of time for thought about any changes but it is the ideal layout, size and couldn’t be any better. The reason I can cope with losing it is because I have a kitchen in Tasmania with great potential and the best view from its windows of the sea to keep me calm and centered! Roz


  1. #1 by bagnidilucca on June 18, 2010 - 4:32 am

    I hope somebody is going to love you rkitchen as much as you did. I think it is fabulous!

  2. #2 by Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial on June 18, 2010 - 6:45 am

    Agreed – a well thought out, magnificent kitchen, Roz! I’m hoping a serious foodie buys your house – surely the kitchen would be a major selling point! (And the coolroom, and the wine cellar.. :))


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