The back garden update before the big ‘reveal’

We have been so busy in the garden that I nearly missed a late booking for our Tasmanian beach house – an email was sent by the Luxury Oz Stays agency that manage the bookings and the guests were about to book in when I finally hit the computer. A couple of hectic phone calls to check all was in order and so the garden had to wait.

Well at least now the little back garden is now replanted and I am now thinking, I must be conscientious and save these plants, as a few could flounder will ‘not take’. When you have the same plants in different places with the light and drainage varying there is a lot at stake, if you will forgive the pun. You can hardly see the camellias on the right side of the garden as they are quite small, the larger ones on the left are the ones I saved from the old garden.

Will I ever be able to keep this wall pristine

So you are not expecting fireworks, the planting is not radical, it is just a semi-circle of new plants as all my garden knowledge tells me to keep it simple, three varieties only, so hopefully they will make a strong statement when they grow up. Apologies to Celia who would be making use of this space for veges but the possum population devoured anything edible I have ever tried to grow. I have to be satisfied now with a few herbs that thankfully they avoid and my citrus trees.

The pool has had its cover on for so long and the painter who is now at the end of his five weeks residency here, said he is waiting for the big reveal.  In the meantime John diligently gets the water tested every weekend and all is perfect under there but with all the mess and dust it is just best to leave it covered for now. You cannot see the little pond at the back very well but it is there and we need to fill it and drop a few more water plants back in. I am a little betwixt and between about that decision as they are high maintenance and don’t let anyone tell you they aren’t. How pristine is that back wall? In the middle toward the top – that is a spout you can see and when we have visitors we turn on the fountain. Seriously who has a fountain on all the time. Once you create a ‘water feature’ more work and wasteful unless someone is there to view it.

See the large urn in the centre – it was a wedding gift from Rhyl and Rob Hinwood. Rhyl is also the Queensland sculptor who was charged with the role of creating and finishing the grotesques at the University of Queensland, a very important and grand commission, among many others she has contributed to the history of public art in Queensland.  So in a way, we have our own little piece of art from Queensland’s most commissioned artist for public works in the back garden.

The urn is decorated with a garland of Queensland’s botanic emblem, the Cooktown Orchid. But I am now wondering if we ever leave here this huge urn that is now heavy and lush with Liriope will present a doozy of a transport problem for sure. Next post the pool cover is off and new water plants are in the back pond. My hands are showing the signs of a gardener – rough dry and cracked and I am using lashings of cream from my tube of French hand moisturiser made for Gardeners. I won’t put the brand name here but if anyone wants to know the brand name of course I will let you know. Roz


  1. #1 by Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial on June 3, 2010 - 8:12 pm

    Gee Roz, a lot of hard work has gone into that garden! I love your round paving and the planting around it, especially the silvery-green leafed plants in the first row. Did you divide up the larger plants that were there originally? And agree with you completely – not much point growing veges just to feed the possums.

    Your urn is magnificent and quite a centrepiece! And I think the little shed adds a quaint touch (and no-one would ever know there’s a pool motor in there.. :)).

  2. #2 by bagnidilucca on June 3, 2010 - 9:43 pm

    Hi Roz,
    It looks great and you must be so pleased to have it finished. The possums eat any parsley and other things I try to grow as well. They don’t like basil or mint much.

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