Little back garden makeover

What a sad little picture of the back garden that has been neglected and is in desperate need of TLC.  It all went downhill when a large Poinciana tree in the corner had to be removed as it developed a cavernous hole in the base. It was on the verge of falling over, probably would have crashed through the pool, and so the expensive consulting Tree Doctor deemed it a disaster waiting to happen. Another reason this little patch did not prosper was that we were living in Tasmania for four months and the regular gardeners cut their visits back whilst the weather was so hot and there was little rain about.

I have tried to save a couple of camellias on the side fence and finally they are beginning to flower, a poor effort after taking up space for 15 years without providing one flower to justify themselves. You can see in the before photos, the structure or bones of a once pretty garden but I want it looking a lot smarter than this. Hiding the pool motor has been the bane of my life, I know there are more important issues in life, but as everyone tells me, painting it only points to it so we are leaving it alone. The landscaper’s dog christened the garden with his morning ablutions but it is his staff who will be cleaning it up. Having just said that I found another on the front lawn I had to dispose of.  Why can’t the dog stay in the ute, isn’t that why they are there, to protect the ute!

Here’s hoping the planting will look attractive enough to take your eyes attention instead of the pool motor shed. The tall but largely neglected Dracaena’s in white pots that my friend Di gave us some time ago are being placed either side of two white walls of the house so they will have a new life. They have already sprung to attention and look smarter against the house but I think I have created more work for myself repainting the pots. I just could not bring myself to throw the pots or the plants away – they wear two family histories. My generous friend Di also gave us a Staghorn that thrived on the late Poinciana tree so we are trying to rescue it and the plan is that it will be erected on the palm tree in the corner. I need to find some old pantyhose for the job of tying it to the tree. According to the landscapers pantyhose is still the best option for attaching staghorns.

The pool has a large wall at the end that is going to be painted again. Back in the days we built the wall, we chose to paint it a Tuscan terracotta which was not only very trendy at the time but a good choice overall for a garden as when it fades it adds to the charm, at least that is what happens in Tuscany but being in backyard Brisbane it tells another story.  It is going to be repainted a new colour.

The small long pool at the end just under the terracotta wall used to have tall yellow irises that became so thickly matted in the water that they needed a pick and shovel to get them out. John actually did this deed and his back suffered for a couple of days. Oh dear!  we are not getting any younger. Roz


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