Tasmanian designers excel in homewares

I have collected many items for my home that have been made in Tasmania but now that I have a home here I have an opportunity to see and buy more!  Design Centre Tasmania – in Launceston is a favourite spot of ours to browse and discover who the designers are and what they are currently producing.

Pin from Artisan's website

We are very fond of the Huon Pine rolling pins made by Peter Meure that we buy as presents for our foodie friends abroad, that means overseas and on the mainland. Wooden spoons, stirrers, paddles and a range of bowls and salt and pepper grinders are to be found almost anywhere there is a market in Tasmania but it is at the Design Centre we find the most enduring designs and they are of the highest quality in execution.

For the past four years a Tasmanian Design Award has been held and bestowed on the most outstanding designer. The criteria is that objects must also be environmentally and commercially sustainable. Not all designs are in wood, we bought a small stainless steel knife designed by jeweller Anita Dineen that is suitable for pates, it is known as the Glide Gourmet Knife. 105x20mm. It is so simple why didn’t anyone else come up with it, simplicity is a hallmark of the best design is it not? It is in the Top 10 for 2009. After selecting and paying for the knife we were told by the staff that Dineen was the 2009 winner of the award and of the people’s choice category.

According to the Australian Gift Guide website ‘Dineen was inspired to design the glide gourmet knife after becoming frustrated with poorly designed utensils that refused to balance on the edge of ramekins or would flip off cheeseboards’.

There is a designer I like whose brand is Indeco and so far I haven’t any of its pieces but a set of salad servers made of light coloured Maple that featured in the top ten of the 2009 Award are on my wish list.

See Indeco’s website for a description of its wares and the Hammerhead salad servers. Indeco are on the ball re the marketing of their wares with a commercial looking website with its own shopping cart etc.

I was driving along the scenic route on the west of the Tamar and found Artisan, lots of treasures made here or sold for other artisans and I bought a Huon Pine sushi press as a gift for sushi loving friends. I also bought a set of Huon Pine chopsticks for a friend in Paris – I am sure she doesn’ have these ones. I don’t know the name of the maker of the Sushi box but it came from Artisan Gallery on the Tamar – 32 Deviot Rd, Robigana TAS 7275. They do mail order by phone or the website and I found them swift in sending the items safely in the post.
(03) 6394 4595

I have a beautiful Huon Pine cheese board that was a gift from a Tasmanian friend and am slowly building up more pieces for my table. I don’t think you could go wrong with a gift made in Tasmania. Roz


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