Pub in the Paddock, Pyengana Tasmania

I admit a prejudice, every time I passed the Pub in the Paddock on my way to Pyengana’s cheese factory and cafe I dismissed it as just another pub, albeit one in an unlikely place. Well, I had a change of heart the other day when taking our guests to St Columba Falls nearby and decided it could not be harmful to call in and judge it for myself. The whole establishment was clean and tidy and not full of drunken oafs, now where did I form that opinion?

We took a plunge and ordered a counter lunch, we all opted for steak sandwiches and we all agreed they were the best we had eaten. It is quite awhile since I had a steak sandwich but my memory is long. The scotch fillet steak was sliced correctly so that it did not stretch between your teeth and the rest of the sandwich when you bit into it, nicely cooked, and the greens in between fresh. To the side a large serve of very crisp – that also means dry and not greasy, chips on the side, they actually tasted healthy!! We all found Tassie’s Boags draught beer was perfect for the warm day and enjoyed the peace and surroundings outside. I am not one for drinking beer as I find it is too filling but I could not fault this beer straight out of the tap. Unless I have just been living in Tasmania for too long…

There are two big fat pigs here, one of which is reputed to like beer and that was initially the off-putting part to me. When we arrived, Priscilla the pig advertised as a beer drinker was sleeping and we conjectured, with a hangover. We questioned the owner about this and she told us that the beer she prepares for them is respectfully watered down so that it would take gallons of the stuff to anesthetized her.

Despite the pig angle I kind of liked it as you will guess. The pub is open 7 days a week from 10am, they serve lunch and dinner and there is some accommodation although I cannot recommend something I did not actually inspect. St Columba Falls Road, Pyengana. Roz


  1. #1 by Mary-Anne on February 11, 2010 - 2:12 am

    Is this the noveau Roz and John??/ Cant imagine you freqenting the R.E Toowong!! Wish I were there!!! Mary-Anne F

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