Flip along for Crepes in Binalong Bay

Over the holiday period, Binalong Bay residents are visited by Crêpes Céleste, a travelling food van making and selling crêpes each Sunday evening at the little park on Main Road from 5 to 8pm or dusk. So we trotted down there on Sunday to sit out in the park with our BYO glasses and bottle of wine and placed our orders.

The Darwin

Crêpes Céleste are making as close to authentic thin French crépes as they can from either wheat or buckwheat flour but the fillings are adapted to suit different tastes. I chose a ‘Darwin’ crêpe that is actually an Indian lentil curry with spicy tomato sauce and grated coconut on the side. I chose the buckwheat flour version which I prefer as I do when I am in Paris at Breizh Cafe in Le Marais. So now for one night a week we have a little of Paris in Binalong Bay. Actually this speciality originated in Brittany not Paris. But to try to maintain my Tasmanian bias next week I may go for the smoked salmon filling as it will be closer to eating genuine Tasmanian food. A classic lemon crêpe is only $3.50 and the most expensive is around $8.00. French crepes of buckwheat flour at Breizh Cafe are likely to be called galettes de blé noir and come folded in on four sides to form a square, rather than rolled.

If Céleste added oysters it would definitely be a touch of Brittany in Binalong. But whichever way they come they are one of my favourite ‘western’ snack foods.

Just add oysters - Photo from Breizh Cafe

It was very relaxing – always the mood when someone else does the cooking! Children played happily nearby and a family set up a cricket match and between carbohydrates, the children burnt off some of their energy. Meanwhile we sipped and enjoyed our repast until the sun dimmed and brought with it a chilly breeze. Roz



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