Water tank runs dry

Removing a section of the fence

The Dams supplying the greater area of Brisbane ran so low a couple of years ago that local government gave people rebates to install water tanks. So we installed three water tanks for our large garden up there. Here in Binalong Bay, water tanks are imperative as there is no ‘town water’ to our area. We have one tank under our house and it has never been clear exactly how much it contains as it is buried a little into the ground.

We were dismayed when just after buying our house we returned to Brisbane and received a phone call to say the first tenants ran out of water. So we set about to buy water and have someone clean the tank thoroughly and install a water tank level guage. When we arrived back here in November we discovered it was only a simple counter weight, just not as effective as the (electronic) wireless water tank monitor we have in Brisbane, so of course we have just run dry again.

John building the stand

There is a second tank that is located next to the garage but when we arrived we saw a huge hole that was not repairable, so we have just replaced it. Sounds so simple but we had to remove the old one, and once that was done, it was bleedingly obvious that a new stand had to be built also. Our friends in Bicheno (just down the highway) warned us that some new skills may be acquired here ‘if you want things done, in a timely fashion that is’.

Stand ready and waiting

So John has acquired some new skills, under the tutelage of our good friend and neighbour nearby. We now have a brand new tank and stand and a pump so it can be a backup to the main water tank.  I am pretty proud of him really. John has always been a mover and shaker of other people and this time he got in there and did whatever was needed. He is still asking when the holiday is to begin. Roz

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