Malaysian fish curry perfect outdoors

Another successful day fishing for the ubiquitous flathead in Binalong Bay meant that I needed a new way to prepare this versatile fish. Out came an old faithful recipe for fish that I have always enjoyed for its tumeric enhanced sauce.

Having a batch of recipes that can be quickly prepared outdoors on a wok cooker is ideal for casual meals and it is a way of making the most of beautiful weather.

On my ‘outdoor kitchen bench’  you see the large rectangular mortar and pestle that we had freighted back from Sri Lanka. We visited a spice farm there and noticed they use these flat shaped granite mortars for grinding dry and roasted seeds. The round mortar is more common and is useful for pounding and making pastes. A curry paste is the foundation and once it is made, whether on the spot or ahead of time the rest of the fish curry is quick to cook.

I served the curry over softened rice noodles and added the baby tomatoes and our generous neighbour’s snap peas for taste and colour – although they are not in the recipe. In Malaysia a roti is likely to be served with this instead of rice or noodles.

Wine of the day here is Golders Vineyard Chardonnay 2008. Crisp and perfect for our curry. NB the winemaker is also the painter of the image used on the bottles. Richard Crabtree- see his label on the bottle. I discovered this fact when we met him promoting his wine in Hobart at the Wursthaus gourmet food emporium.

If you wish to view my recipe click on the Recipe tab. I have also added my Christmas Plum Pudding recipe. Roz

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