Fishing for flathead and floating dogs

I have had precisely one experience of fishing for flathead behind me, it was last year in Bicheno, an hours drive south from here and the other day I had my second. On both occasions I not only got fish but was the first to pull one in. When does beginner luck run out? I was taken out by experienced people so they  have to get some credit. But at least I was not a waste of space on their very compact boats. At the boat slip I saw two cute white fluffy dogs being attached to their red safety jackets. There is a handle on top, so they can double as  doggy handbags. The handle is ideal for picking up and putting in the boat and of course if they slip overboard, you just motor up to them and lift them out of the water by their handles.

Fishing in Bicheno 08

I am learning a little about what to do and what not to do.

Here I am looking like an Asian fisherwoman, I think the Asians are very smart and careful to cover up and avoid the bleating sun which is stronger here than in Queensland.

We had grilled flathead for dinner, such an easy peasy meal and you cannot get any fresher. Another virtue of flathead is that the flavour is subtle and you can dress it up if you wish as we did recently by putting it in a red Thai curry. Some fish varieties are so distinguishable that if there is plenty around you get sick of it.

Pelicans and seagulls on standby for the fish scraps after cleaning and filleting fish.

My fishing days have just begun. Roz

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