Local vegetable gardens

Most ‘full timers’ in our area grow vegetables and it gives me heart and encouragement that you can grow food at or close to the beach. Whenever we see a sign that indicates veges for sale, we slam on the brakes, back up and see what is on offer.

So recently we found someone growing fresh silverbeet and broad beans (importantly grown without pesticides) and I came home and made a silverbeet and blue cheese tart using Mr Bennetts (Tasmanian of course) blue cheese.  I used wholemeal stone  ground organic flour for the pastry. The rest of the filling comprised of the lush Tasmanian Meander Valley creme fraiche and Meander’s double cream. I had little ricotta and with local eggs, the filling at least passed my self imposed 75% Tasmanian test.

I did not end up with a photo of the tart – we got distracted as we had a business visitor (someone advising us on all the benefits of his company’s stoves) here whilst I was cooking, hence only the cream and broad bean photos.

I decided not to blind bake the pastry as I had good results with the scallop pies, so it seems as long as you cook in a tin and at a high temperature at the beginning, rather than in an ovenproof ceramic container, the pastry will cook on the base without any dramas.

Using the whole meal flour gave me such a wonderful tasting pastry that we decided it was definitely the way to go for future savoury pie or quiche crusts. Roz

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