Bed in Treetops in Tasmania

I have a special blog dedicated to life in Tasmania but I just have to share some Tasmanian beauty spots with my Taste Travel followers.

We have been passing this sign every day driving in and out of Binalong Bay and our curiosity increased daily it since it is entirely hidden from the road. Some of our friends visiting have asked us if we know anything about it and yesterday I got the opportunity to visit Bed in the Treetops, a bed and breakfast option in this area.  The bed and breakfast tag is not really appropriate. It actually has a couple of almost self contained suites. To explain further – a small kitchen area with refrigerator, tea making gear etc if you wish have a light snack. What is commonly referred to as a ‘kitchenette’.  Most bed and breakfasts only offer a room with ensuite and breakfast. Lunch and dinner has to be found elsewhere. The main house is one of the pole constructions you saw plenty of in the 70’s. The location is unbelievably private and secluded but once you leave the property it is a short drive to the beach or into the town of St Helens. Views from the house stretch back to the Georges Bay. The owners Marianne and Bruce don’t invade your privacy like some operators do, but at breakfast which you take in their house they will give you all the lowdown on what there is to see and do in the area. They love it so much that you will wish you booked in longer. More information is on their website.

Bruce is a diving instructor so better to know that now if you plan to visit as you may wish to line him up for some lessons or for an escorted dive.

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