Renovations underway

To enjoy all the cooking and eating we are planning during our sea change we have undertaken a small renovation in the kitchen.

The existing laundry space has not been well utilised so we have knocked out a wall, and walled up a door. We will enter the new walk in scullery through the kitchen. Here we will house the refrigerator, washing machine, dryer and dishwasher. Our neighbour brought in a bunch of squeaky asparagus direct from her garden and as they also grow garlic we now have a couple of garlic knobs hanging up to dry and to ward off any evil intruders. But wait there is more…another unexpected treat she gave us was a date loaf still piping hot from her oven. A wise woman, knowing we had workers here who operate a whole lot better when their bodies are pumped full of good carbohydrates.

Last night John went out on a boat with friends and the result was that we ate freshly caught tiger flathead and sandy flathead but after two glasses of Devils Corner Chardonnay I couldn’t tell the difference. I grilled the fish and also grilled the asparagus, one of my favourite ways to eat it and added some broad beans and a salad of Tasmanian leaves of course and that was dinner. While all this was happening a few whales passed by. Whats not to like living in north east Tasmania.

John trying to help

Our builder picked up two dozen oysters at our local oyster farm for his dinner last night but he reported this morning that the season is getting late. The sea is probably a bit too warm and he did not enjoy them. His tip to me apart from not having high expectations out of winter time, is that when buying at the farm I should ask for the smaller ones as they tend to load up the casual buyer with the big ones which he does not recommend. Mark our builder is also fixing all those little things that irritate or do not work. The house should be ship shape soon but we have been warned that we will be lucky to get the cupboards in by Christmas. That makes John frustrated because he is resident Dish Pig and he is so over washing dishes but he promised me he would take on this task. He deliberately puts the dishes and cutlery in all the wrong places hoping I will shove him out the way and take over. Meanwhile the dishwasher is still in the garage. Roz

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