Lobster season opens

Pots for sale but taken

Binalong Bay fishermen are ecstatic the season has opened. We have only been here three weeks on Wednesday and we have already organised our cray pots.

Escape hatch for small lobsters

We are absolute novices so sought good local advice and now we have to get a Recreational Fishing Licence. Just filled in the forms – it is $39.90 standard Licence Application fee and add $6.65 for a Rock Lobster Pot.

Steaming the wood

Inner cane woven first

To buy a couple of pots we visited Tony’s Craypots at his property at the Chain of Lagoons, it is just after the turn off to St Marys.

Shaping the wood

We caught him action so was able to get some good photos of the craft.

Tony steams the Ti-tree branches to make them pliable and then he rushes it over to the 44 gallon drum so he can instantly shape it into the rounded shape desired. The Tea tree or Ti-tree is the popular name for Melaleuca Alternifolia.

Next we headed to the local fishing and bait shop for the bait holders and floats.  Once we have the licences we are up and running. At this stage we have so little experience that buying a boat would be foolish so we have to go out with friends who are willing to take us and ‘train us up’.

  1. #1 by malcolmenright on November 20, 2009 - 2:52 am

    arhhhhhhh . . .

    Barb’s sister has the early family movies dumped to video (not DVD) we are chasing them down now!

    nice lobster pot post!

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