Cooking lobsters

The leeks I have now featured in the banner above were given to me by Dave at N.E.L.S. landscaping supplies North East Landscaping Supplies on the road out of town (120 Tully Street, St Helens.  I admired the veges he had growing in beds made of corrugated iron placed out the front of his office and he generously pulled these out. I am trying to save the seeds.

Now back to the reason for this blog post.

I had never cooked a lobster before which is quite strange coming from someone who has cooked and tried most edibles. I needed some instant tuition so over the phone my Bicheno mate Warren said ‘how much does it weigh? 1.2 kilo – right, put the lobster into fresh water until it is comatose and get a large pot’. –  I had one already prepared, I bought a stainless steel stockpot in town a few days earlier knowing the lobster season up here has just opened. But I did not know I would be given one so soon by a generous neighbour who took my hunter gatherer out in his boat for some experience.  Returning to Wazza on the phone who said ‘next bring the water to the boil’. A neighbour lent me a large portable electric immersion coil too use as she uses it to avoid the cooking smell in the house.  I set it all up on the deck and here are the photos.

Lobster in repose

Immersion gadget

Next step – put the lobster into the boiling water and boil it for 12 minutes.

When cooked put it straight into a pot of cold water. Let it sit there for around 12-15 minutes to cool.


Cooling off period


Lobster on the boil

If not using it immediately wrap in damp tea towels and put in the fridge. My cooked lobster passed the perfectly cooked test when it came out of the shell cleanly.

All Tasmanian home made mayonnaise

I made a mayonnaise for the salad it was destined to dress. Using all Tasmanian ingredients – Red Island cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, local organic eggs, Hill Farm Dijon style mustard and my neighbour’s bush lemons, it was well over the 75% of authentic Tassie ingredients I am aiming for.

Just before liberating the lobster from the shell

I cooked pink eye potatoes in their jackets, peeled them and sliced thickly. Then I added salted capers – they are Sicilian! Tasmanian chives, organic eggs boiled and finely chopped. I really wanted watercress but there wasn’t any available. The capers were the only ursurpers in the dish.The fresh sliced lobster sat on the top of the salad. Hopefully you don’t need a recipe after reading this but I will post my mayonnaise recipe. Roz

  1. #1 by Kerry on November 17, 2009 - 7:57 am

    Greetings, Roz and John, from Bavaria !

    Lovely to read your Tasmanian story so far, and I am looking forward to reading more as the adventure unfolds.

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