Angasi revisted

Reaction to our recent dinner at Angasi the local restaurant in Binalong Bay was mixed. Three out of four mains were below par but having said that we have not been disappointed in previous visits.

This beautifully located restaurant has won awards as the best cafe/restaurant but I feel that they are not as enthusiastic as they used to be.

Beef Wellington

Having been a ‘hired’ food critic in the past this is not the ramblings of an amateur blogger.

The two Beef Wellingtons came encased in a pastry that was undercooked on the base. The pate that generally covers the beef was ‘grainy’, it fell loosely about the plate. The meat was more medium/well done and not medium rare as requested. Presentation was at first glance intriguing but once you cleared away the messy deep fried battery bits the overcooked meat was visible. The buttery quenelles were fridge cold.

Fish of the Day

The next main of ‘fish of the day’ was also overcooked but the octopus entree that our friend asked for as a main was the most successful dish of the night. The desserts redeemed the dinner.

Octopus entree turned into main

Sticky Date pudding

Here is the comment from our houseguest who was paying the bill. ‘My rating for what its worth on Angasi would be no more than 6 from 10 when service, ambience, presentation and food quality are all considered against the price. To have a wine on the list that is not available and have a later vintage substituted is very poor management. I think they are overreaching in trying to be something they are not, yet?’.

We are locals and we will return as we have had good meals there in the past and we admire their commitment to Tasmanian ingredients, and that all suppliers are proudly acknowledged on their menu. Roz

Photos by L. Alexander

  1. #1 by Christine Robertson on November 16, 2009 - 11:43 am

    Now that you have perfected lobster cooking, can we have it at least 2 nights a week when we come down? PLEASE!!!!

    • #2 by tastetravel on November 17, 2009 - 3:23 am

      In an ideal world I could say yes, but it is always by chance here. Oysters, scallops and abalone might make up for any drought.

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