Oysters, Flathead and Sunshine

IMG_2064This morning started out a little overcast but we still took off around 7am for the long walk to Dora’s Point, cheating a little by taking the car to Grants Point car park. A decision justified so we got back in time for breakfast not lunch, so I hope you understand the reason for the shortcut. Still it was it was over an hours walking each way, made a little longer when taking little breaks to photograph whatever took my interest along the way.

As we walked along the track and looked out to the ocean we noted an incredible frenzy of activity on the water as today is the first day fishermen here are permitted to put their lobster pots out.

Fabulous Australia shaped rock at Grants Point

After our very long walk it was back home for a quick breakfast of the sour dough bread, muesli and jams, honey and yoghourt. Then we all took off into town to buy a few more supplies. We spied some shallow ceramic ovenware dishes at the St Helens weekly market and then an added bonus was finding a plunger coffee pot made of stainless steel with a double wall for retaining the heat. I have been worried the pyrex glass plunger that will break easily on the kitchen’s hard granite benches. I brought an espresso machine with me to Tasmania but a ‘French Press’ as it is also called comes in handy when you need to get coffee to a crowd in a hurry.


Market finds

In St Helens we dropped into the cafe that sells our favourite Leavenbank bread. It had just been delivered and when I picked up the bread I nearly dropped it as the base was piping hot – cannot get any fresher anywhere.


Guests put to work shucking oysters

So after collecting all our supplies we drove around to ‘Salty Seas’ and bought 2 pieces of flathead each for lunch.  Our house guests bought 3 dozen Pacific oysters from our local oyster farm.  We shucked the oysters and had them with a choice of balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, lemon juice or just natural.


Flathead for one

We dusted the flathead lightly in flour, just enough to avoid sticking to the BBQ plate which we left on for some time so it was well primed but all burners turned to lowest setting. A glass of Devils Corner reisling was perfect with the creamy oysters.  We kept it simple with a salad of Tasmanian grown mesclun, the sun shone – around 30 degrees C and all was well with our part of the world.


Freshest oysters I've ever had

My next post will include our experience at the local restaurant Angasi. Roz

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