Four weather patterns in one day


Two wines I like and will buy again

On Saturday we set out for our shopping trip well rugged up and ended up with an amazing 30 degrees celcius, so dressing like an onion as the Italians tell you to do is definitely the way to go here in Tasmania.

Our first stop was to one of three garage sales in our own hamlet of Binalong Bay. A ‘Hamlet’ is the only way I can think of when describing our little village or if we were in Italy it would qualify as a ‘Borgo’. Anyway were happy to find so much activity since we need to find more kitchenware to make it like home. At the first garage sale we bought new – that means totally unused tea towels, probably been in someone’s linen cupboards for years, a small woven basket ideal for keeping the garlic on the bench top and a bag of cookbooks for $5.00. When I checked there were 16 books in there. The next garage sale was not so fruitful but once we got into town we found more bargains.

In the Saturday morning St Helens market, we found a white ceramic square serving plate for $5.00 and for the princely sum of $1.00 a book on spices and herbs by Elizabeth David. That made my day. But wait there is more.

A health food shop is tucked into the back streets of St Helens next to its only cinema. It is well stocked and we bought some Tasmanian walnuts.

The heat sent us packing into the local ice cream shop that two guys run, one of them co wrote a cookbook with food identity Lyndey Milan so at least they know what I am on about when I start asking 20 questions – about who makes the ice cream and where it comes from. They stock two Tasmanian brands ‘Andy’s’ and Van Dieman’s Land ice cream. I treated myself to a blackberry gelato and the food hunter and gatherer could not resist the chocolate, his current weakness.

Just down the road there is a second hand shop dealing in many things but mostly kitchenalia. I have to resist buying more gadgets being mindful of storage space but I did leave there with a 50’s coffee table, its provenance is Parker, a reliable Australian brand that was popular in the zenith of Danish design influence in Australia. It is making a comeback and its lightness of scale and profile seems ideal for a beach house.

The most expensive Tasmanian Pinot Noir I found was not the best, in the photo is a bottle of Devils Corner 08 at $18.99. A young wine to be complex but it was superb. The Riesling from Evandale Estate , 2008 was also worth a mention so put those two on your list Barb and Mal!

Still have not got the ADSL connection so reports will be hit and miss, just like the style of house building that was popular here before corrugated iron became the choice for Binalong beach houses. Hit and Miss places vertical wood panels over the joins of the first layer of vertical wood panels. This method is to allow for contraction with the weather changes.


Hit and Miss panelling


  1. #1 by Malcolm Enright on November 7, 2009 - 4:46 am

    Yes, Evandale Estate is on our list along with the Pinot Noir and the lately the Pinot Gris from Spring Vale and a terrific Tamar Valley drop that we have stashed at Tunbridge – from Delamere Vineyard.
    Two other things – Spring Vale has started a wine bar in Swansea called Trellis, we were there Jan–Feb this year on our annual jaunt, classy, fresh and lively DJ music sessions . . . well worth a tiny trip down from your place for a special occasion.
    Finally, talking of Evandale – Barbara’s work will be featured at the second store opening of Hobart’s best contemporary art & design store – Handmark Gallery run by Allanah Dopson. We are finishing up work for a deadline date Friday November 20 2010.

  2. #2 by tastetravel on November 7, 2009 - 5:47 am

    Can you ask Allanah to put me on her mailing list if she has one?

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