Hello Tasmania

We are about to spend four months  living in Tasmania and intend to source as much as 75% of our food needs that is either made, grown or processed in Tasmania. Follow me on the journey to see if it is possible. If anyone can find enough to eat that is locally made, bought, caught or grown, it is me. I have been working in the food industry for a long time but never had to go without any particular ingredient that I fancy. I am interested to see just how good this state is at producing its own food supplies.

A good place to start is with a bottle of Tasmanian wine. This is my namesake wine and since I am interested in anything to do with the extinct Thylacine I could not resist buying this bottle.

The next positive action has been to register for the mailing list of Wursthaus. This is a deli in Hobart that is packed to the gills and there is another branch in Launceston. Hopefully by joining the mailing list it will help in providing some short cuts (sic) to find as many real Tasmanian products as possible. Roz MacAllan

Roslyn Estate

Roslyn Estate

  1. #1 by malcolmenright on October 21, 2009 - 12:11 am

    we are in for the ride – (we promise to share our few contacts so far, also)
    mal E + Bh
    (Tunbridge & Brisbane)

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