The streets of Lisbon

Traditional Lisboa Tram

Traditional Lisboa Tram

The architecture of Lisbon is enthralling to me and no doubt architecture students and professionals find plenty here to study. Whether you love art deco, art nouveau, neo classical or any other movement and influence in architecture Lisbon will not disappoint.

Not only have they kept their tram service alive but kept the original design of the trams to climb the steep narrow old streets of this fascinating city.

Despite the hills it is a very walkable city, but do try the number 28 tram as it will give you a good view and you will get to the hilltop castle Sao Jorge without splitting the muscles in your calves. Make sure you walk along the battlements or walk to the observation terrace as you will get a wonderful view of the city.

The Portuguese love to decorate and you will see many surfaces that are normally left plain and ripe for graffiti in other cities are well protected here with tile murals and as in this photo the local zoo has depicted its animals on the underside of overpasses.

The author on foot

Graffiti reins until the restoration is complete

I spotted this unusual but adorable pussycat madonna on the wall of a new small boutique hotel in the city. Roz MacAllan

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