Paris charm hotel

I rarely stay in hotels in Paris as I like to rent an apartment but this September I was in need of a hotel for a one night stopover in Paris and so a hotel was the only option. I chose this hotel for several reasons. I wanted one on the south side of the Seine (Left Bank) as I was taking a plane out of the Orly airport the next day. Another reason was because it was small and private.

It is located in an unusually quiet street yet really close to the hub of what I need for a short stop. I think this hotel stands out from the dizzying choice in Paris but what it does have in common with other hotels is that the rooms are not large. Yet it is a hotel with substance, everything here works!

See for yourself the beautiful rooms on their website.

Hotel Recamier is in Place Saint-Sulpice and discreetly quietly tucked into a corner. Some of you may recall that the Saint-Sulpice church was  integral to the plot of The Da Vinci Code.

On our arrival at the hotel, the owner greeted us and even escorted us to our room, I doubt this will happen often as this is now the fourth hotel she has created in Paris. Since Sylvie acquired this building she has completed its conversion from a bed and breakfast to a hotel in the chic private hotel genre. It is likely that we got the personal meet and greet whilst she is spending time here making sure everything is running smoothly in its early opening days.

The hotel’s 24 rooms were designed by a renowned interior designer Jean Louis Deniot. There are avant garde artworks, a signature of the owner’s tastes and the designer’s decor is exuberant in an eclectic style similiar to a winery with accommodation where we stayed in the Bordeaux’s Saint Emilion. So now I am going to look up their website to see if there is some chance it is the same designer or just a French style of decor that we are seeing these days.

In a little salon on the ground floor the healthy and ample breakfast for 18 euros was served on sublime quality white porcelain. After fruit, real juice, cereal and pastries, I was offered eggs any way and judging by the bright orange yolks of the eggs, you might think they had some free ranging chickens out the back.

Something important for weary travellers who actually use their maximum luggage allowance, there is an elevator here which unlike many tiny hotels is an absolute luxury.

My favourite Parisian perfume

My favourite Parisian perfume 1 minute away

Pierre Herme close by

Pierre Herme's sublime cake shop close by

Roz MacAllan

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