What women eat

Do you often find your metal filing cabinets become unstable and the drawers won’t lock anymore because they are filled to the brim with files that need tossing out but you cannot bear to part with them, particularly as they represent a lot of hard work in your past? Well that is me to a tee, cabinets full of my history and it is time for them to go. The blog is good for storage, just in case I need it back!!! Here is some information I provided for a restaurant in my food consulting days, on what women like to eat in restaurants. I believe it still holds today.


Bresaola, cheese timballo & rose petals

Women like food to look interesting.

Women are interested in texture, colour and variety.

Women are more experimental than men.

Women will choose dishes that they will not cook at home.

Women do not like large pieces of meat on the plate,  particularly if they are only served with a sauce or one accompaniment.

Women are least likely to choose offal.

Women are more likely to choose vegetarian dishes.

Women are more likely to choose unusual ingredients.

Women frequently choose two entrees so they can get a variety of dishes

Women are not keen to eat messy dishes that will splash their clothes.

Women in particular women like pasta, rice and noodle dishes.

Women are more likely than men to be familiar with food terms such as brulee, rouille, carpaccio, bresaola, galantine.

Roz MacAllan

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