Travelling and Tasting

Eating my way around the world

Fat Duck Restaurant, UK

Fat Duck Restaurant, UK

Whenever I return from my travels,  all over the world I immediately set about recreating some of the tastes I have experienced. Sometimes I reconstruct the dishes in my head but even better if I have been able to taken a photo of the finished dish. Occasionally I manage to coax a recipe out of a chef or a home cook. On some memorable occasions I have been invited into the kitchen.
When the opportunity arises I buy a cookbook or two but the very best case scenario for me to learn new ideas and gain insight is when I attend a cookery class.

Another way to recall and permanently imprint my food explorations is when I get to make the dish whilst I am actually in the country. I can cook almost anywhere, as long as there is a heat source.
When I rent an apartment I go to town, buying up big at the local markets. I cook madly but still end up giving away heaps to the cleaners or the managers when they come to collect the keys.

On the tours I organize for my groups, I usually include cooking classes and everyone learns more about the history of the country from those classes than just visiting historical places of interest.

After my travels my friends are used to me summoning them for a dinner party so I can have another excuse to cook and retain the new dishes to my repertoire.

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